Create your own monolithic circuit based on AirMems technology

AirMems can manufacture and provide you custom circuits (Switch matrix, Phase shifter, Tunable filters, Impedance matching networks…) embedding its micro-relay technology. This service relies on a strong experience in MEMS switch fabrication. It includes:

  • – An optimized fabrication process ready to support your designs and quickly target your goals
  • – An access to the AirMems cutting edge switch technology procuring best in class performances from DC to 65 GHz
  • – An access to the hermetic wafer level packaging developed to ensure the reproducibility and robustness of the MEMS membrane during operation
  • – A back-end service for an integration of the circuit in a standard package or a bumping service for Flipchip bonding.

AirMems uses a class 100 cleanroom comprising mask aligners, e-beam evaporators, DC and RF sputtering systems, PECVD (Plasma Enhanced Chemical Vapor Deposition) systems, RIE systems, wet etch and photolithography benches to realize your circuits. Every fabrication step are realized in the same facility allowing AirMems to provide you a quality monitoring at different advancement stage
of the process flow.
Once the realization finished, AirMems uses vector network analyzers, rf power benches, temperature stoves and dedicated reliability test vehicles to check your circuit compliance.

By entrusting the fabrication of your circuits to AirMems, you can get the highest level of performance in a short delay.


This 2 bits tunable filter has been manufactured following the AirMems fabrication process. It includes 12 micro relays allowing both resonant frequency shift and bandwidth widening around 17 GHz. Every MEMS membrane are packaged at the wafer level to ensure optimal operations. This planar filter exhibits an unloaded quality factor of 45-65 difficult to reach with conventional technologies.

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